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Social commonweal, the brilliance is introduced

發布日期: 2015-08-12

"A man's success is not just the accumulation of wealth, but you create much value for the society."

Dining Lin group co., LTD. Zhejiang business for 16 years, the group company of rapid development at the same time, has always been active in the social public welfare undertakings, repay society with the real feeling.

Chairman Fan Maolin not forggestting, rich in the busy business management of the company at the same time, also didn't forget his hometown construction. "If you want to rich, first build road". Every time back to my hometown see dirt road in the village, the pools of water, one to the rainy days the road is all worry is unavoidable. In 2004, Fan Maolin chairman personal investment more than 40, ten thousand yuan, built the Shi Huang - Bai Zhu this road. Look at the village lived a out of the house can be on our wide cement road, fei dong also happy heart to become millions of business.

On December 28, 2005, in shengzhou municipal party committee "charity to donate a day" activity to call on, scholars launched Lin company all staff "love" and "heart-warming activities", under the guidance of fei dong, all staff to donate.

Vice chairman ms qiu flies over the years are concerned about the social public welfare activities, especially for poor students to donate. Donations every year several family difficulties of college students, help them complete their studies smoothly, it has become a common practice. So far, has donated more than a dozen college students (university four years donations) all the way, many have already graduated and found a satisfactory job. Funding is not only the tuition, deputy qiu dong had been kept in touch with the students, from time to time and buy some clothes, send some food to the school, cold hot also always call charged them increase or decrease in clothes, really all the students for their children. Aid-receiving students also took all of deputy qiu dong for his relatives, New Year's day is a holiday, a school holiday, they always come to visit, aunt, bite a Jo that deputy qiu dong's face like a flower, not to mention how happy. In December 2004, shengzhou city, deputy qiu dong is concerned about the next generation working committee awarded the "advanced individual of necessaries of student" honor. In December 2006, and again was named "model is stranded student". This is the society of qiu dong love.

On August 18, 2007, the company also in hengyang evening launch "ladult Lin love tour" student activities, one-time, donated 100000 yuan to help more than 20 impoverished students from hengyang city counties, cities and areas, and remarks by students: "work hard, and strive to progress, success at an early date, repay society."

For 16 years, Lin company always returns within society. Our goal is to be socially responsible corporate citizen, and dedication.

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