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Send person rose Hand there are lingering fragrance

發布日期: 2015-08-13

remember dining group, party branch secretary and deputy general manager qiu Lin flying in ms

In shan creek side, shengzhou economic development zone of the east stands a modernized enterprise, this is Lin group co., LTD., zhejiang of scholars had to Lin said in the name of the shining behind, there is a silent dedication and little-known woman fly - cho.

Qiu, such as fly, was born in January 1962, the Chinese communist party party member, Shanghai fudan MBA reading, zhejiang ladult party branch secretary, deputy general manager Lin group co., LTD. Ms. Qiu, such as fly with Mr Fan Maolin since 1991 founded the company, after ten years of hard struggle, to make a family tie processing enterprises, to develop assets exceeds one hundred million yuan group co., LTD., enterprise development, always don't forget to return society, from 2000 to now has been successively charity individual contributions to the society as much as more than 80 ten thousand yuan.

Enterprise has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, CQC voluntary certification, access to quality AAA certificate of standardization good behavior, the secondary measurement detection system certificate, is China's garment enterprises of industry profits. In recent years, the company has obtained the "AAA contracts and keep promise unit" "national shuangyou enterprise with foreign investment", "large taxpayer", "advanced export enterprise" "technical reform advanced enterprise" "municipal civilized unit", "civilized credit enterprise"; "Credit enterprise of shaoxing's foreign trade"; "Provincial labor and social security integrity unit" and so on dozens of honorary title. The company is shengzhou municipal party committee listed as one of the key leading enterprise.

2 00 6 years again, with an annual output value of 312 million yuan, pay tax 18.36 million yuan, the profit is 13 million yuan.

Companies to implement "people-oriented" humanized management, actively carry out "financial aid to help poor" activity

Ms qiu, such as fly think aged respected is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, carrying the integrity brilliant Chinese nation, one thousand years accompanied by generation after generation of Chinese through the passage, after honing, its precipitation for us the essence of the Chinese nation. Treats people with sincerity, is to keep your words, is a kind of intrinsic quality and spiritual pursuit, meet the basic requirements of building a harmonious socialist society today. , she actively participated in student necessaries, charity investment hing road, eager to participate in student activities, concerned about the next generation, provide financial support to social difficulties students, help them complete their studies smoothly, some already have a job, was admitted to graduate student, there are eight students accept her, summer and winter vacation the students all like to live in her home, although ms qiu, such as fly work very busy, but she still care them, let them feel the warmth of home, 2007 ms qiu flies and apply to the closes working committee for the two to support poor people born, spoke highly of by the surroundings.

Ms qiu flies over the care staff family, whenever students to sign up on September 1, there are always a few family difficult employees get her kind support, it has become a common practice, ms qiu that day will come with a lot of money into the workshop staff side, listen to their chatter, lend a helping hand, in time of qiu deputy head office everyone cock thumb kua she is a kind-hearted person.

Man is a creature of emotions, emotional factors often affect employee loyalty to the company and professional dedication, and even affect the harmonious coexistence of the staff and the enterprises. Qiu, such as fly as a corporate decision makers to see this situation, the rational guidance to the enterprises adhere to the "people-oriented" business philosophy, concerned about the staff, care staff, respect employees as the starting point of all work, to create a "humane" management atmosphere for employees, create the sharing, advocacy of emotional communication platform. Make the company in strict management system, and to maximize the respect for employees, treat employees, caring employees, to promote their growth and ascend. On the one hand, when employees sick and life difficulties "financial aid to help poor" can be offered to lend a helping hand, on the other hand, in their setbacks in life and work, organize to release their emotions get "digest".

Through the implementation of the management mode of "human nature is changed", not only cause many employees, even the family feel the warmth of the family and take care of. Make the employee loyalty to the company and professional spirit become more intense, at the same time, also form a community of emotion, enhance understanding, respect and trust between company and employees of emotional communication, let employees to produce a "drips of yongquan" fighting spirit, efforts to contribute more to the company. References from the article:

Attaches great importance to the enterprise culture construction, build team cooperation spirit

As secretary of the party committee, deputy general manager ms qiu, such as fly, positive progress on the job also is to communist party member's standard strict with oneself, support the leadership of the communist party of China, love the socialist motherland, safeguard the interests of the state and national dignity, the establishment of 'party branch, Lin Lin youth corps committee, Lin all-china women's federation, study the party's new task in the new period, on a regular basis following the party's policies, make positive contribution for building a harmonious society. Not the solution to the company a lot of local laid-off workers and rich labor force, and also to absorb the surplus labor force all over the country, after learning, training, to give them the opportunity to mount guard, also often for enterprise management personnel training, examination, grass-roots staff technical training and assessment. Safety training in company, the company employees through training, assessment for "safety training certificate", the policy response has called for thousands of employees shall be tested and approved by the labor bureau training for vocational qualifications. For every staff we sign labor contract, and the rights and obligations in accordance with the labor contract, over the years we respond to a nation called on, attaches great importance to the environmental protection work, to protect the ecological balance, actively build campus virescence work, according to the environmental protection standard work, pay attention to the safety in production, a few years no security check production liability accident.

Through under the leadership of the party branch, the trade unions, youth corps committee, actively develop cultural and recreational activities, the company set up a basketball court, table tennis room, 38 section activities, evening party, the communist youth league organization staff travel, etc. 4 years since the company has developed good staff 15 to join the party, 7 years and have many good to join the party activists submitted to party membership application.

Implements the performance appraisal, employee and enterprise win-win

When dealing with the relationship between corporation and society harmony, ms qiu, such as financial vice President fly correctly understand the role of employees in the enterprise and value, 04 years since the company executes only accounting, build a salary distribution system, as to create a harmonious corporation's top priority. Performance evaluation is not to make the gap between the employees, but the advantages and disadvantages of seeking truth from facts to find the staff, in order to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, improve and improve. Performance appraisal is a two-way interactive process, and need to be assessed and communication, understanding, be assessed work.

First job analysis, to develop a practical and feasible evaluation criteria. Functions of management of performance appraisal has always been the emphasis and difficulty in the inspection work, because they work complexity compared with production workers and operating personnel, creative, has the certain difficulty in the grasp of the assessment index. In order to ensure that a set of scientific and effective evaluation criteria, for effective job analysis, the confirm everyone's performance appraisal index, is necessary to establish the staff appraisal standards. Therefore, the enterprise by using questionnaire, interview and so on, to strengthen the communication and understanding between supervisors and employees, the company post instructions for each employee to make a job description and job description, let employees in their work processes and responsibilities have a very clear understanding, also make the employees from the mental consciousness, to accept the inspection. Different positions, different requirements, the duty of different job description and job description, appraisal index is also different. Of course enterprise on the mastery of appraisal index seize the key performance indicators.

Two-way recognized by enterprise and employee performance appraisal can stimulate the staff development and integration of growth for the company, that the results of our assessment. Enterprise in terms of salary, the company fully make personal work ability and performance in the salary structure has a reasonable position, and become the main factors of individual wage increase. More important is strengthening work itself, make evaluation a real enterprise value distribution of objective and reasonable basis for the members of the organization. Company after the performance appraisal, staff's work enthusiasm greatly improved, enterprise production also has a bigger breakthrough.

Leadership concern subordinates, employees respect leadership, in her, employees love each other, helping each other has formed.

Learning skills, actively participate in various jobs tournament has become a fashion. Ms qiu flying kind open-minded praise of the society, fully recognized by the society.

"To establish sincere, to be honest," along with the harmonious society "the application" enterprise is the cell of society full of vigor, let thousands of cells to become ", harmonious industrial powerful city huimin "firmly advocates, powerful force. Spring is beautiful, sunshine always after the rain, we believe that for a better tomorrow!

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